“Completely Blew My Mind…. reminiscent of Thievery Corporation”
~ The Denver Westword

Luminescent Dance Theatre

Participate ~ Activate ~ Illuminate

Let go of all familiarity and climb into a world of fantasy, alchemy, dreams and magic with myth makers LUNAR FIRE. Dancers embody archetypes wielding supernatural abilities that allow them to defy gravity, soaring on multiple aerial apparatus while illuminating the night with fire arts, luminescent costumes and interactive video animations. “A surreal, spiritual and profound experience.” Denver Westword

Captivating LUNAR FIRE storytellers use live music & theatrical dance to bring audiences with them on a mysterious journey. Performers invite us to join them on their vision quest, a surreal dream involving temptation, transformation, loss and healing. In multiple vignettes woven into the tapestry of a full Hero’s adventure, Lunar Fire’s faerie tales include visits by ancestors, animal spirit guides, deities, elements, ancient & future generations, art, music & world cultures.

Enjoy the ride, as Lunar Fire elegantly traverses from ancient worlds with performers in elaborate regalia dancing to pre-columbian clay ocarinas, native flutes, hypnotic drones and hand drums into scenes of glowing dancers in futuristic costumes moving high tech props to driving rhythms, dance beats, bass funk, modern multi-lingual female and male vocals, guitars, violins, as well as synth samples & electronic music.

The versatility of Lunar Fire’s live performances range from a full band of electronic & acoustic world musicians accompanying a massive theatrical production with free standing aerial rigs & video screens to a short P.A. set featuring a small troupe of dancers.

Lunar Fire has deep roots in the International Festival Community and dedicated communities in the Southwest & on the West Coast of the U.S. as well as in Mexico, Guatemala & Costa Rica. With a large following since 2004, Lunar Fire live music & dance theatre has headlined many festivals, filling venues, city events and private gatherings. The theatrical aerial & fire dancers of Lunar Fire perform around the world with top headlining talents. Lunar Fire has released 2 live albums, Solstice & Eclipse, and 1 studio album, Tides, with an electronic remix album to be released in 2016 & a DVD currently in production.

Experience: Lunar Fire aerialists & fire dancers perform around the world with top headlining talents Sphongle, Bluetech, David Starfire, Polish Ambassador, Janover, Kan’Nal, Quixotic, Fractal Tribe and many others at International Festivals, Burning Man, Large Venues & Private Events. Lunar Fire has deep roots in the International Festival Community, with full band & dance theatre opening & closing the 1st 2 ENVISION Festivals in Costa Rica, as well as bringing Sacred Fire & the Midnight Fire Ceremony to Sonic Bloom Festival every year since the very 1st one. With a large following in the Southwest since 2004, Lunar Fire live music & dance theatre has headlined many festivals in Colorado, Utah & New Mexico including Beltania Festival, Crestone Music Festival, Carbondale Mountain Fair, Marble Harvest Fest, Uriah Fest, Sol Fest, Illumifest, Dreamtime Festival, Unify, Arise Music Festival, Mystic Hot Spring Festival, Desert Rocks, Tribal Vision Festival & 3SidedWhole Festival as well as performing at High Sierra Music Festival CA, Faerieworlds Festival OR, Wisteria Festival OH & Project Earth MN.




Rodolfo Escobar III


Jonathon Souza


Tarena Davis


Lauraleight MaQi


Gilly Gonzalez


Chaitanya Masera


Lani Gordon


Ariana Papousek


Lisa Wimberger


Boris Karpman


Brandi Sarasvati


Precious Hill


Tiffany Smyth


Mateo Homan



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