``Musical impresarios and masters of illusion``
~ The Denver Westword
``Completely blew my mind````
Amber Taufen~ The Denver Westword
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Lunar Fire Envision Festival 2012
Teresita Flutes
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Lunar Fire storytellers weave LIVE MUSIC & THEATRICAL DANCE to create New Myths for Modern Tribes. Let go of all familiarity and climb into a world of fantasy, alchemy, mystic dreams & ancient archetypes with LUNAR FIRE. The visuals mesmerize. The music hypnotizes.

Lunar Fire can create a fantasy dream world to fit any size event. Choose Your Own Adventure: From Full Spectacle to Ritual, with Faerie Tales & Dreamscapes. Plus optional Fire, Aerial, Acrobats, Dancers, Costume Characters & Live Music.

Totally blown away… The performance of Lunar Fire is shamanic… The music, the rhythm, the whole essence of the experience is intoxicating.” Paula Jean West, Pagan Travel Examiner


LUNAR FIRE performances range from a full band of live electronic and world class musicians accompanying a large versatile theatrical dance troupe to a live PA set featuring luminescent dance theatre with optional fire spinning, aerial acrobatics & visionary video projections. Known for building a symbiotic interactive relationship with the audience, Lunar Fire has grown a dedicated following throughout a wide scope of communities and age groups. In every distinct version of the LUNAR FIRE spectacle, talented storytellers invite the audience to join their characters on a Hero’s journey of soul searching struggle through the challenges and triumphs of transformation.

“A surreal, spiritual and profound experience.” Denver Westword

Lunar Fire formed in 2002 on shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, when the infamous rhythm section & dance troupe of legendary tribal rock band Kan’Nal performed a transformational Fire Show under a Full Moon in the heart of el Mundo Maya. Gracias a La Paz, San Marcos la Laguna y los Kaqchikel. Lunar Fire theatrical storylines and dance choreography grew to feature talented aerialists, acrobats, fire spinners, modern dance & traditional dance forms passed down by cultures from around the world. Inspired by personal voyages, Lunar Fire pays homage through dance and music to our ancestors and future generations of urban and ethnic cultures universally to activate a new paradigm. Dreaming the Future!

“Reminiscent of Theivery Corporation… Completely blew my mind.”  Amber Taufen, Denver Westword




Precious Hill

preshy vocals

Tiffany Smyth


Lauraleight MaQi


Ariana Papousek


Lisa Wimberger


Gilly Gonzalez


Chaitanya Masera


Tarena Davis


Rodolfo Escobar III


Jonathon Souza


Boris Karpman



1.26  LUNAR FIRE full spectacle: live band & dance theatre. Envision Festival Costa Rica

3.25 – 26  LF Dancer Ariana Papousek presents Eco-Wakening. Dairy Arts Center, Boulder CO

4.14  LF Drummers perform Lil Sumn Sumn with Beth Quist. Lumonics, Denver CO

4.28 – 29  LF Dancers feat. MaQi. Sonic Bloom Unifed Field. Cervantes, Denver CO

5.6  LF Dancer MaQi with Tierro Band. Caribou Room, Nederland CO

5.21  LF Dancers MaQi & Ariana with Elephant Revival. Red Rocks CO

5.26  LF Vocalists & Rhythm Section perform INTI. Tribal Vision Festival, Hotchkiss CO

6.3  LF Dancers feat. MaQi with Sphongle. Red Rocks CO

6.10  LF Dancers Fire Show feat. Tiffany of Artsmyth. MOA Museum of Outdoor Arts, Denver CO

6.16  LUNAR FIRE P.A. set & dance theatre. Sonic Bloom Festival, Colorado City CO

6.17  LF Dancers featured with Desert Dwellers: Beyond. Sonic Bloom Festival CO

8.4 – 6  LUNAR FIRE live music & dance theatre. Arise Music Festival, Loveland CO

8.26 LF Fire Show. Ned Fest, Nederland CO

9.16 LF Fire Show & Tribal Jam. DjemBlaze, Parrish Ranch, Berthoud CO


1.23 Denver CO. ORIENTAL THEATRE with Xerephine, Miraja & Totem

4.6 Denver CO. ARTSMYTHS Fashion Show EXDO Center

5.27 Denver CO. MERCURY with Sun Dragon & DJ CHE CHE

5.28 Loveland CO. SISTER WINDS FESTIVAL. Sunrise Ranch

6.3 Paonia CO. PRE- TRIBAL VISION FEST. Anna Dharma Sanga Farm

6.16 – 19 Hummingbird Ranch CO. SONIC BLOOM FESTIVAL



8.20 Paonia CO. TRIBAL VISION FEST. Anna Dharma Sanga Farm

9.24 Santa Fe, New Mexico. UNIFY FESTIVAL

Featured Events


Lunar Fire Full Spectacle. Live Music & Theatrical Stage Dance. Optional Fire, Aerial, Video.

LF Dreamscapes. Free standing aerial rig, free standing video screen & projectors, 1 – 3 aerial techs, 1 – 3 video techs, 1 – 2 sound techs, optional lighting techs & film crew.

LF Live Music. Lunar Fire electronic dance & acoustic world music ranges from full live band to p.a. set with 1 DJ on laptop & optional live musicians including 2 female vocalists, 2 male vocalists, a female rapper, bass, drum kit, hand drums & percussion, guitar, violin, and often surprise special guests on vocals, drums, hammered dulcimer, hang drum, etc.

LF Fire. Original Unique Fire Props, Ritual & Dance Choreography include Fire Antlers, Fans, Palms, Poi, Ropes, Staff, Double Staff, Dragon Staff, Fire Eating, Body Contact, Orb, Stars, Large Fire Dreamcatcher, Dream Torches & Dreamcatcher Poi, Fire Machetes, Fire Belly Dance Sword, Fire on Aerial Chains, Fire Stick Torch 4 Directions Ceremony.

LF Aerial. Original Unique Aerial Apparatus & Choreography includes “Dreamspell” Lunar Fire’s signature Large Dreamcatcher with Aerial Silks, Chains with optional Fire, Trapeze, Lyra & Silks, with Choreography for Solos & Duos.

LF Acrobatics. Costumed theatrical dance storytelling through an combination of exciting duo acro, mind bending gymnastics & expressive modern dance.

LF Dancers. Costumed stage performers with choreography for modern dance, african traditional, latin salsa, zuuk, hip hop, belly, tribal & psychedelic. Uv active costuming with hi tech light props such as unique LED “fireflies” and advanced LED pixel graphic poi, as well as interactive video dance projections, props projected on by Illuminated Productions of orignal paintings by art visionaries Martina Hoffman, Robert Venosa, Stevon Lucero, Adam Fu & Autumn Skye Morrison.

Lunar Fire Ritual. Fire Flow Arts, Aerial Acrobatics, Theatrical Stage Dance, Choreography. Optional Fire Ritual & Copal Ceremony. Performed to pre-recorded tracks of original Lunar Fire music or to live p.a. set with 1 musician on laptop. Optional live vocals, flutes, violin, drums or kit.

LF Faerie Tales & Costume Characters. Stiltwalkers, Aerialists, Acrobats, Fire & LED pixel light Spinners, YES, even Dancers on Roller Skates. Elaborately costumed characters with body paint, masks, headresses & crowns custom designed by Artsmyths Studio & Gallery which include Stiltwalkers – Sun, Moon, Zebra, Unicorn, Winged Pegasus on Roller Skates, Foxes, Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Giraffe, Deer, the 4 Seasons, Valkyrie, Demons, Day of the Dead Skulls & Skeletons, Ghost Fox, Goddesses, Ganesha. Any character you dream up, we can create!


New Myths for Modern Tribes

"Musical impresarios and masters of illusion" Denver Westword

The LUNAR FIRE CO-CREATIVE COLLECTIVE also offers in addition to the full Lunar Fire spectacle, classes, workshops, participation in opening and closing ceremonies, processions through the crowd, audience interations, aerialists & fire dancers who perform regularly with headlining djs such as Sphongle, as well as the musical projects electronic dj duo Dub’l Dragon, drummers Lil Sum’n Sum’n and latin hip hop 4 piece INTI.

“Reminiscent of Thievery Corporation.” Amber Taufen, Denver Westword

Tapping into universal archetypes, LUNAR FIRE writes all original songs, soundscapes, stories and theatrical dance choreography. Enjoy the ride, as Lunar Fire elegantly traverses from ancient worlds with performers in elaborate regalia dancing to pre-columbian clay ocarinas, native flutes, hypnotic drones and hand drums into scenes of glowing dancers in futuristic costumes moving high tech props to driving rhythms, dance beats, bass funk, modern multi-lingual female and male vocals, guitars, violins, as well as synth samples & electronic music. Performing all over the world, the LUNAR FIRE Co-Creative Collective carries a message of positivity to inspire connections between communities and cultures across all genders and generations.




Lunar Fire formed under a full moon in 2002 on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Fire dancers sang & shared supernatural stories told to them my local Mayans. Founding members of Lunar Fire influenced festival culture when touring internationally with legendary tribal rock band Kan’Nal as all original dance theatre & notorious rhythm section. Though nomadic by nature, Lunar Fire claims Colorado as a home base. Lunar Fire’s Co-Creative Collective, LLC has expanded to include multiple bands, djs, vjs, dancers, artists, teachers, consultants, graphic designers & music producers.

Legacy: Lunar Fire has deep roots in the International Festival Community and dedicated communities in the Southwest & on the West Coast of the U.S. as well as in Mexico, Guatemala & Costa Rica. With a large following since 2004, Lunar Fire live music & dance theatre has headlined many festivals, filling venues, city events and private gatherings. The theatrical aerial & fire dancers of Lunar Fire perform around the world with top headlining talents. Lunar Fire has released 2 live albums, Solstice & Eclipse, and 1 studio album, Tides, with an electronic remix album to be released in 2016 & a DVD currently in production.


Lunar Fire aerialists & fire dancers perform around the world with top headlining talents Sphongle, Bluetech, David Starfire, Polish Ambassador, Janover, Kan’Nal, Quixotic, Fractal Tribe and many others at International Festivals, Burning Man, Large Venues & Private Events. Lunar Fire has deep roots in the International Festival Community, with full band & dance theatre opening & closing the 1st 2 ENVISION Festivals in Costa Rica, as well as bringing Sacred Fire & the Midnight Fire Ceremony to Sonic Bloom Festival every year since the very 1st one. With a large following in the Southwest since 2004, Lunar Fire live music & dance theatre has headlined many festivals in Colorado, Utah & New Mexico including Beltania Festival, Crestone Music Festival, Carbondale Mountain Fair, Marble Harvest Fest, Uriah Fest, Sol Fest, Illumifest, Dreamtime Festival, Unify, Arise Music Festival, Mystic Hot Spring Festival, Desert Rocks, Tribal Vision Festival & 3SidedWhole Festival as well as performing at High Sierra Music Festival CA, Faerieworlds Festival OR, Wisteria Festival OH & Project Earth MN.